Preventative Care & Hygiene

Preventative Care & Hygiene

At Day Dental Implants & Dentures, we are not simply focused on extractions, implants and dentures. Our primary goal is tooth preservation. This is why we have a primary emphasis on diagnosis and prevention.

So what exactly is “preventive dentistry,” and how do we achieve it?

Preventive Dentistry is simply any type of dental care that aids in the maintenance of good oral health.

One of Dr. Joshua Day’s emphases for his practice is to always educate you on achieving long-term oral health. This is why he prioritizes his hygiene program. Dr. Day wants you to feel comfortable and confident that he is taking the proper precautions to maintain your oral health. Dr. Day’s hygiene program, with extensive experience in all types of oral care, is here to welcome you with a warm smile and to answer any questions that you may have in maintaining your oral health!

Types of Cleanings

Prophylaxis Cleaning (Prophy) – A routine cleaning that removes the small amounts of plaque and tartar on and between your teeth.

Full Mouth Scaling – If teeth haven’t been cleaned for an extended period and the gums are irritated along with an accumulation of tartar.

Scaling & Root Planing (Periodontal/Gum Disease) – Gum disease is the loss of hard or soft tissue around teeth. It is irreversible, but it can be controlled. The only way to initiate Gum Disease control is with Scaling and Root Planing to eliminate bacteria buildup and tartar. Once this is performed, a re-evaluation is done six weeks after treatment to determine that further intervention isn’t needed.

Periodontal Maintenance – Professional articles suggest that it takes 90 days for bacteria and irritation to develop to cause bleeding after a Gum Disease cleaning. Dr. Day wants to stay ahead of the bacteria, and once Gum Disease is diagnosed, he wants to see you routinely to ensure that the disease stays controlled.

Preventative Care is Achieved by the Following:

  • Regular Dental Check-Ups
  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Comprehensive X-rays
  • Brushing Twice Per Day
  • Flossing Once Per Day

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